Jordan History

Jordan F1 (GPRO Team Profile)

First created in Season 58  and reestablished in Season 63 however we decided to join an already established team.

The proper birth of Jordan was in Season 65 when we finally decided to form our own team and by Race 5, we had a full roster:

Brad, Martin, Keith, Samuel, David, Spyros, Ludolf, Albert, Lazar and Chris.

As with any team, members come and go and we cannot name everyone but a couple of mentions have to go to Neil Mulvery, Chris Erath and Amitesh Patnaik who helped make the team grow and showed loyalty over the seasons.

Jordan Racing (GPRO Team Profile)

We decided to expand Jordan to two teams and Season 73 saw the birth of Jordan Racing which was lead by Samuel and Marcus. Within 5 seasons and again with various managers coming and going, Jordan Racing had reached Top 100 in Season 78!

Jordan Speeders (GPRO Team Profile)

Due to an influx of managers who wanted to join Jordan we decided to open up a third team in Season 73 called Jordan Speeders which is lead by Lech. Within 4 seasons Jordan Speeders had achieved 185th in the team rankings.

All three teams continue to operate and heading in the right direction. Overall objective is to get all three teams into the top 100 and competing strongly together.

Liveries – Past to Present

Credit has to go to our designers Samuel and David Kou who designed our liveries, a huge thank you and we cannot wait to see further ones in the future. If you wish to have a livery designed, please contact Samuel Kou, I’m sure he will assist.

First Livery

Second Livery Current Livery for all teams

2021 – Onwards